All you need to know about Low level Laser Therapy and it applications to Sport Injuries

From 1967 to date 2500 clinical studies have been done on lowblevel laser therapy. Initiated in 1960 by Ended Mester a Hungarian physician low level laser therapy has been used as alternative medicine.


Low level laser therapy also known as low power laser, soft lase, biostimulation laser, cold laser or laser acupuncturerefers to an alternative medicine of increasing body healing.
Though not all clinicians out there are using this method of treatment , as LLLT is not fully understood and a lot of research is being done on its working and effects.And also it is still not taught in some medical training institutions.



It is an altealternative method of treatment. It refers to non thermal photons.Infrared of visible light of particular wavelegnth (about600-1000nM) that are emitted from a laser, a flashlight like device that can be handled comfortably with ones hand. The light particles are directed towards the area that wants to be treated. It penetrates through the skin to to the target tissues without any form of pain as low level lasers are non thermal as I had indicated earlier.The depth of penetration is directly proportional to tje wavelegnth of rhe laser.

Once it reaches the target tissues .The energy introduced to the tissues react with the light sensitive cell components.Which results to reduction in pain, reduced inflammation in the infected place , normalise the working of of damaged cells.Eventually enabling reduced healing g time.
A lot of research has been done to confirm the effectiveness of low level laser therapy.


Because cold laser can stimulate any kind of tissues it can be used as a treatment of several ailments associated with tissue and muscle pain or damage.

They include:

  1. Back pains;
  2. Arthritis pains;
  3. Knee pain;
  4. Knec pain;
  5. Tendonitis;
  6. Among many others.


Getting injured players back on track as fast as possible is rhe ultimate goal of alteams medical stuff.Injuries frustrate athletes and even lower their confidence as they wonder of when they will get back on the field.

Low level laser therapy was just heavenly sent for athletes as it helps them heal quickly.

In a research done by low level laser therapy was found to be 65.9% effective in the treaent of all sport injuries.
Sport injuries mainly involve damage to tissues muscles nerves, bones and joints .Low level laser therapy come in handy in the fast treatment and quick recovery from these injuriesinjuries.Hospitals have been treating athletes using low level laser therapy since the 90s.

Low level laser Therapy works best in the treatment of:

  1. Jumpers knee;
  2. Tennis Elbow;
  3. Achilles tenditis;
  4. Ankle sprains;
  5. Shoulder injuries;
  6. Plantar fascitiis;
  7. Chronic pain of elbow;
  8. Wrist and fingers.

Rehabilitation of athletes has never been easier.It saves athletes time and from taking complicated medicine prescription which span for days.It has also reduced surgeries.

The sports Fraternity has benefited most out of this invention of the 21st century.

Although a lot of research is being done to fully understand how Low level laser therapy works .How can exposing tissues to a form of light really help in healing? Even as Academicians do there work,Athletes all over the world are enjoying quick recovery.

Top 5 shoes that are waterproof and ideal for running

Most waterproof shoes are designed to provide durability and resistance to harsh weather conditions. This kind of shoes is necessary if you want to do running all year round. Cold and rainy months should not be an obstacle for exercising. Therefore, the right pair of shoes will be a great help. Let’s see what are the best models on the market.

New Balance 910v2

New Balance 910v2

If your goal is stability, you will find it in these shoes, because they offer very stable heal cup and slight drop towards the toes. This combination is good for runners with both narrow and regular foot. Underfoot protection is there to provide assistance even on a rocky road or uneven surfaces. Versatility is the main advantage that you can find in this pair.

Brooks Adrenaline ASR 12 GTX

Brooks Adrenaline ASR 12 GTX

Sloppy trails will be overcame with the right approach to making shoes. Winter always brings many challenges and you can be secure with this Adrenaline ASR 12 GTx model in all situations. There is a low cut collar for better comfort and a crash pad for enhanced stability. Simple design makes it popular among waterproof running shoes.

The North Face Ultra MT GTX

The North Face Ultra MT GTX

This model brings much more than regular shoes have. You can finally enjoy all those interesting roads in mountains and hills. The cushioning is on the highest level, so security is guaranteed. Narrow fit might be a good side for someone, but it is a matter of preferences. If you used to wear narrow shoes, this pair would be a great choice. This model is definitely for a reason on this list of top 5 waterproof running shoes. Rocky and slippery terrains will be easily checked by this cruiser.

Asics Gel-Cumulus 17 GTX

Asics Gel-Cumulus 17 GTX

It is all about gel in this model. There are silicon parts on fore and rare foot sides that are well balanced with midsole stability inside. Winter conditions are ideal for testing these waterproof running shoes in order to prove their agility. The needed comfort is there to feel like you are ready for some extra mile.

Nike Air Zoom Structure 19 Flash

Nike Air Zoom Structure 19 Flash

Nike has its favorite for this list of top 5 waterproof running shoes and this option is durable, comfortable and layered. This layered feature is implemented in all parts of the shoe, which is a great attribute for more breathing, stability and resistance to moisture. Your feet will feel wrapped in the coat for the perfect feeling of protection in all watery conditions.

Welcome to the JFK March

On Friday, November 22, 2013, a group of admirers of the man and over 37 walkers/marchers walked a 22-mile route called the JFK March. The walk began at 6:30 a.m. and ended at 2:00 p.m. at his final resting place in Arlington National Cemetery. This event celebrated his life and the lives of others that were given in the service of our country.

November 22, 2013 marked the 50th Anniversary of the passing of John Fitzgerald Kennedy. JFK has long inspired individuals from all walks of life and from all around the world. He was that rare individual who challenged us to do more on our own for the benefit of the many. His strength and confidence enabled many of us to do the improbable for some higher ideal.